We are a privately-owned, 100% Mexican company incorporated in 1982. Our products and services lines are focused towards the energy industry, especially petroleum. MATYEP's facilities are conveniently located along the Gulf coast of Mexico serving all 3 PEMEX regions: North, South and Marine by means of multi-annual contracts. Current headcount: 1000, 85% field service technicians. Main Clients: PEMEX, drilling contractors, domestic and foreign ones operating in Mexico. ISO – 9001:2008 certified since 2002. Core Competencies: strong presence in the local market and proven familiarity with bidding protocols.


To be a leading company in the industrial and petroleum market, environmentally responsible as well as the relationship with our clients, recognized for its technical and competitive capability while delivering our services.


To develop within the company a culture of quality, maintaining our equipment and facilities in top condition minimizing operating cost, downtime and accident, with the purpose of performing a quality service and to satisfy the industrial and petroleum market's needs in a timely and reliable response.